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We celebrate Nannypreneurs, Nanny Agencies and business owners. Be sure to shop, support and follow each business. If you're interested in being a part of our directory, learn more here and email us at

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Our Nanny Diary

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Our Nanny Diary is designed to be part daily journal, part family planner. It has space designed to record activities, food, diapers, notes, to do lists and more. It also has special touches that help with communication on schedule, meals and other family duties. It's the perfect way to stay organized as a nanny!

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Nanny Years

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Nanny Years is fun apparel line and brand created by Nanny Kelsey. What started as a creative outlet turned into an online community  that offers t-shirts, stickers, custom tumblers, totes and apparel for caregivers, nannies, mom's, dad's and teachers. If you're looking for the perfect gift or to add to your wardrobe, shop Nanny Years. 


Jess Avila

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From Nanny to a personal trainer, certified fitness instructor and Nutrition Coach, Jess believes living a healthy life should be a priority. Creating a fun workout plan and incorporating healthy meal choices are attainable with a concrete plan. Learn more about Jess on Instagram and reach out to her personally to get started on a customized plan.

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