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Are you ready to start or grow a side business while working as a Nanny? Check out our Nannypreneurship resources and courses below, and visit for more info! 

Niche Notes Printable Planning Sheets & Sponsorship Letter Template

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Identifying and marketing to your niche is vital to the success of your business. The Niche Notes Plus includes planning sheets plus a business/partnership contract template, contract proposal template and a sponsorship letter template. The Nche Notes Plus includes:

- Sponsorship Letter Template

- Developing Your Niche Client & Customer Profile

- Business and Social Media Login & Password Template

- Monthly Positive Perspective Plan

- Monthly Self Care Plan & Checklist

-Niche Marketing Plan

-Social Media Connection Plan

-Financial Budget & Goals

- Niche Execution Plan

-Video and Livestream, IGTV, Youtube & Facebook Live Content Plan

-Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Plan

-Blog and Email List Plan

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