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The Whole Nanny Self-Care Retreat is a self-care and wellness retreat for nannies, newborn care specialists, doulas, and professional caregivers. While offering care for others, this event will allow domestic household staff to be refueled, rejuvenated, and renewed.


The retreat will be held May 12-15, 2022 at the Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa in La Jolla, CA. Attendees will enjoy general group sessions, small group activities, a garden party on the lawn, great food, and shopping, all to promote self-care.

As a sponsor, your organization will connect with professional nannies, newborn care specialists, doulas, postpartum doulas and domestic workers. Domestic household staff are influential with children and parents, they have buying power and present new products and services directly to the parents and children they serve. With over 1 million working nannies in the United States alone, nannies and household staff are the backbone and balance that hold families together.

We have several options available for partnership along with customizable year long sponsorship opportunities. Please email with any questions or additional information.

Find the full sponsorship proposal here.

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If you're interested in a custom sponsorship package or would like to make a donation please email

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