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Digital and Social Media Coaching and Consulting

Are you looking to grow your social media platforms? Whether you're an established business or new to the social media world, this package is for you. We'll cover...

  • Social Media Analysis

  • Establishing the overall vision and goal setting

  • Branding and social media presence

  • Solidify your target market 

  • Original content creation and engagement practices 

  • Social media strategies

  • Finding your voice through video, stories and original copy.


$2200/6 one on one sessions

$3200/10 one on one sessions

$7200/24 sessions for one year.

Payment plans are available. Save $200 when booked within 24 hours and paid in full. A signed contract is required.

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Business Coaching

Need one on one long term customized coaching for your business? If you're looking to reach a new level in business and need a coach to help you through the process, this option will bring guaranteed results if you commit and remain consistent. From marketing, gaining new clients, your online presence and strategy, we will cover it all. 


$2500 for 8 sessions

$3500 for 12 sessions

$4500 for 16 sessions

$6900 for 2 sessions/month for 1 year. 24 sessions total. 

Payment plans available. Save $200 when booked within 24 and paid in full. A signed contract is required.

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