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Fit Nanny Friday

Each week we feature a Nanny or Manny who is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

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Meet Justine

Originally from California, I started working in daycare when I moved to Dallas in 2011. Once I had experience under me, I decided to try to become a Nanny. After a year, I decided to try a "big girl job" and worked in Oral surgery for 2 years. I recently got back into being a Nanny in October of 2015 and I don't regret it!

When I moved to Dallas, I was almost 300lbs. I've lost about 50lbs since then. I started slowly.. cutting out sugary drinks.. did the basic switches; white to brown rice... white to whole wheat bread... regular potatoes to sweet potatoes... I saw results from just doing THAT! i am a firm believer[and living proof] that its all about the 80/20 rule!

I am currently doing the 21 Day Fix and I love it! It's easy 30 minute workouts and has portion control containers so it makes life super easy when I meal prep!

My favorite recipe [although it does have a lot of cheese] is spaghetti squash lasanga! Here is the recipe:

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